An Unlimited Celebration; Production and Management Company

Uniquely Yours W*E*D PRINCIPLES



We plan, decorate and manage all aspects of your wedding or event, letting you enjoy the hassle and stress-free planning process every step of the way, from start to finish.



Each team member of Uniquely Your Weddings, Events and Décor has specific strengths that are called upon to plan, personalize, produce and manage all the aspects that surround your special event.


Be You. Be Unique. Make It UniquelyYours!

We Believe that Weddings and Events Should be Celebrated in a Unique Way.

An Expression of Your Own Unique Style! Personality! and Imagination!

We ask our clients to Go Out of the Box when planning their wedding or event. To be themselves and follow their instincts. To not worry about what people may think. They can be as Wild and Crazy, Weird and Corky or as Sweet and Sophisticated as they want to be. To Just Do It Their Way! 


From the Groom serenading his Bride coming down the aisle, To the Bride and Groom along with the Bridal Party walking down the aisle wearing sneakers, To having a Synchronized Bridal Party Thriller Dance during their wedding reception to Coordinated with their Halloween Theme Wedding or an Story Book/Fairytale Alice In Wonderland (costume) Wedding.

Whatever you decide to do, however you decide to do it, Just Be You. Be Unique. 

Make It Uniquely Yours!



To Exceed the Expectation of the Client.

Our relatively new business has a great reputation for planning, decorating and managing weddings and events and the décor of weddings and events that exceed the expectation of the client. We are your go-to wedding and event planning company for ultra-personalized weddings and events. We create weddings and events that reflects the clients personality and lifestyle and let them shine throughout the day. It is all about you and your vision of the perfect wedding or event. We just make it come together. When you book Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor to create your wedding or event it will be one of the most amazing day of your life. We will get to know you, learn how to cater to you, and build a relationship with you that can last past your wedding or event day.


We customized beautiful weddings and events for each of our clients. The details to our wedding and event creations reflect the personality and the personal lifestyles of our clients and every element serves a purpose for a celebration that speaks to them and to their family and friends for generations.  




To Listen Well

We always have a “Listening Ear”, we care about our clients and vendors/service providers, we welcome all their input. Listening to them gives us the information we need to do our jobs and to do them well. 

To Be Professional

While the wedding and event planning process can be very hectic and mixed with so many emotions, we try to remain calm and professional in all situations. 

To Be Productive

We are here to do a job; every event needs to be done in a timely matter and done well. All while providing you with a service that will make you feel that it was designed just for you.

To Care

We are caring, kind and friendly people, and we work well with our client’s, venues and vendors/service providers.

To Have Fun and Laugh Often

We are Happy People. While providing professional and quality services to our client’s, we have fun during the process of planning weddings and events. With our experience, high energy, organizational skills and attention-to-detail to your life celebration, you will have the wedding or event that you always dreamed of and will enjoy planning it every step of the way. We always say, if we're not having fun, doing what we love then we're not doing it right! 

To Find Balance

While our job as planners, can be super stressful (wedding and event planners are ranked as one of the most stressful jobs), we look for balance to help us not only do a great job as planners, decorators and managers but as human beings. We advise our clients to find that balance as well, so that the stress of wedding and event planning can be balanced out with the joy of seeing it all come together.

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