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Planning: Questions and Answers

Don't see your question, contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can you work with any budget?

Yes, we can definitely work with any budget as long as it is sensible and realistic. We will review your budget and wedding or event details with you, prior to booking and we will guide you in the direction that is compatible with your budget. 

How many staff will I have on my wedding or event day?

Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor works together as a team. Every wedding and event is given a Lead Coordinator along with the appropriate number of Assistant's needed based on the guests count, venue and other details. We always make sure to have enough staff to handle the wedding or event in the best possible way. 

How many hours will you be available on the day of my wedding or event?

Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor is available for your wedding or event, up to 12-hours a day, from set-up and decorate to clean-up and restore. 

Do you charge any overtime fees or fees for last-minute tasks prior to the wedding or event?

Yes, if needed. But usually not required we offer up to 12-hours of management services on the day of your wedding or event. Our packages include Phone and Email support so, by the time your wedding or event day comes around everything should be covered.

What’s the shortest amount of time in which you have successfully arranged a wedding or event?

Ideally, at least 6 to 9 months is desired to coordinate a wedding or event that meets your expectations and does not leave the client overwhelmed, but we have planned a wedding in as little as two months and an event in two weeks! We usually team up with our clients between 3 to 5 months prior to their desired or established wedding or event date.

Do you schedule appointments after hours?

We always accommodate the best we can to our client's schedule. We are definitely available to meet after hours or at a time most convenient for you.

Can Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor plan ethnic weddings?

We absolutely love to plan ethnic weddings! Weddings are a perfect opportunity to pay respect to and celebrate a couple’s family and its traditions. It is especially exciting when a couple from two different ethnic backgrounds are coming together, allowing us to interweave aspects of both cultures into the wedding ceremony and reception. It makes for a most unique and personal wedding.

How does Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor set its fees?

There are a number of factors we take into consideration when determining our fees. Some of these factors include: the wedding or event size, whether it's being held at the same venue or in separate venues, whether the client lives locally or is planning from abroad, how many hours required for the wedding or event, the set-up, clean-up and tear/break-down of the wedding or event and how many days leading up to and following the wedding or event, and finally, the overall logistics of the project. Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor fees are determined on an individual basis. During our initial consultation session, we may better understand what services you will require of us throughout your planning journey.

How do I know which package is right for me?

It all depends on what stage you are in, the planning progress for your wedding or event. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form on our Contact Us Page. We will schedule your initial consultation where we will then discuss all the aspects of your wedding or event planning with you and choose a package that best suits your needs or we will create a customized package for you. 

What additional types of events do you plan, decorate and manage?

Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Post-Wedding and Gift-Opening Brunches, Wedding Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Gender Reveal Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Retirements, Holiday Gatherings, Dinner Parties and much more... 

What happens in the event that the planner or coordinator become ill or cannot attend the wedding or event for any reason?

We are thankful that we have not been faced with such a situation, but we certainly have a backup plan in place should something like this ever happen.
Throughout the planning process our planners and coordinators regularly share information and client details, so we are all familiar with each other’s clients. It is also company policy to create detailed client files that include all the pertinent timing and vendor information applicable to each client so that any Uniquely Yours W*E*D planners and coordinators can step in at any time without too much disruption. In the event that your planner or coordinator should fall ill we are able to offer our clients the peace of mind in knowing that they will be well attended to and that everything will continue as planned.

My reception venue has a wedding coordinator; do I still need to hire a wedding planner?

A venue coordinator works for the venue; their job is to answer your questions about the venue and assist you with your venue layout. They are someone you may contact if you need extra reassurance about the details of your wedding venue, however, their loyalty is to the venue. Their job does not include all the other details that go into planning your wedding.

A wedding planner, on the other hand, is involved from the very beginning of the planning process. Your wedding planner will handle each detail of your wedding from start to finish – everything from finding a venue and the appropriate suppliers to actually being there on your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly and as planned. Having a wedding planner reduces the natural stress of planning a wedding that you can enjoy the entire process and have complete confidence that all the details are taken care of for you.  

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"Sweet Fusion" Candy Buffets: Questions and Answers

Our "Sweet Fusion" Candy Buffets are Great for Weddings, Parties and Events.

What is a candy buffet? 

A candy buffet is a display of candy, sweets and/or treats that is themed designed to complement the color scheme of your wedding or event.   

Our “Sweet Fusion” Candy Buffets provide a beautiful themed decorated addition to any wedding, party and event. 

Why should I include a candy buffet at my wedding or event?

Candy buffets are unique! A candy buffet will make your wedding or event fun, festive and memorable. Candy buffets provide your guests with an exciting, interactive element–and they make a fantastic favor for any event, one that will actually be appreciated!

Why shouldn’t I just do this myself?

Most people who have tackled a candy buffet on their own spend the same amount, most often more money than if they hired a professional. If you create your own candy buffet, you will need to purchase specialty glassware (at least 8 pieces), table accessories to make your display attractive, ribbons and signage, candy scoops, candy bags, containers, bubble wrap or packaging for transport to your event location and the candy itself (with no vendor discounts). Additionally, you will invest hours canvassing the stores for your supplies, researching candy prices, designing and practicing the set-up of your display, washing and wrapping your glassware, hauling your supplies back to the venue, setting up your display and breaking down the display at the end of the event, rewashing the glassware and figuring out what to do with your containers now that your event is over. Wow, was that tiring or what? We specialize in Candy buffets for Weddings and Events! Enjoy your event and let us handle the details.

What happens the day of my wedding or event? 

If your wedding or event is at a venue, we will have already contacted the venue to discuss our needs. The day of the event, we will set up your custom candy buffet an hour or two before your guests arrive. Then you can watch in amazement as your guests get a glance at your candy buffet!

What kinds of candy do you offer? 

We offer a huge selection of candies in a range of colors, from gummies, sours, lollipops, and jellybeans to chocolates. Additionally, you can add an array of sweet treats to your display such as cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, brownies, popcorn, chocolate fountains, dipped fruits, rice krispy treats and more.

Who sets the candy buffet up?

We handle everything! Design, set-up, filling containers, arrangement, and tear-down.

Is a candy buffet cost-effective?

Absolutely. Consider the expense your average gifts and give outs for weddings and events. A candy buffet creates a stunning display while providing a personalized lasting impression.

Do you provide an attendant to assist with the candy distribution?

No, but you can have two Uniquely Yours W*E*D Candy Buffet Attendants to assist with the candy distribution for $30 an hour.

What about left-over candy?

We make all the arrangements for packing up your leftover candy, sweets and/or treats following your wedding or event. We will pack up any extras, so you can enjoy your sweets well after your wedding or event.

How long will I have the candy buffet for my event?

Our Candy Buffet is Yours for Your Entire Event!

What are the table & linen requirements?

We can provide the table and linens if necessary. If your venue will be supplying the table your consultant will need to know the specifications of the table sizes. Also, inform your venue consultant if you are providing your own linens.

What happens if a container is broken?

We have a beautiful and distinct collection of quality glassware, containers, etc. Should something be broken or missing you will be responsible for the cost of replacement. A $300 deposit is kept for the purpose of protection until all items are recovered from your event. 

Do you provide the decorations for the Candy Buffet?

The candy buffet itself is a stylish display. Your candy stylist will discuss options for decorating your table should you wish to add your own personal touches, you are welcome to do so.

What areas do you service?

We service Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas; (Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford, Bellaire, South Houston, Pasadena, etc.).

Do I need to sign anything or make a deposit?

Yes, your candy buffet consultant will create a contract for you to sign. A signed contract and a 25% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking to reserve your candy buffet. Dependent on date required, equal monthly payments are made to pay for the candy buffet. Alternate payment options can be provided upon request. Any candy buffet reserved 60 days from the date require, will require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon the signing of contract. Any candy buffet reserved 30 days from the date require, will require a 100% (full) payment immediately upon the signing of contract. 

Do I get to choose my own theme and color scheme?

Of course! Our professional candy buffet consultant will consult with you regarding your design ideas and creation. You will be able to choose colors, candies, themes and creative elements to completely customize your candy buffet.

I want a candy buffet for my wedding or event! Who do I contact?

Contact us at 832-968-6420 or Complete our contact form on our Contact Us Page provide us with your name, wedding or event date, number of guests, and budget and we will have one of our candy buffet consultants contact you asap!

What happens next? 

We will work with you personally to design the candy buffet you desire for your wedding or event. A signed contract, and a 25% non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your wedding or event candy buffet. 

"Sweet Fusion" Candy Buffets

For Weddings, Parties and Other Life Celebrations

Whatever the occasion, make it a little sweeter with one of our 

"Sweet Fusion" Candy Buffets. 

Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor "Sweet Fusion" Candy Buffets are designed with exceptional attention to detail and filled with delicious candy, sweets and/or treats for everybody to enjoy.