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Why Choose Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Decor?



As we understand the need and expectations of our clients that’s why Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor offers full service planning, decorating and management services to turn your wedding or event into an unforgettable occasion.

We understand when first beginning to plan your wedding or event, it can become very overwhelming. Putting together a wedding or event requires a lot of time and energy that can drain you especially if you have a full-time job, children, a social life, and other priorities. In order to avoid all of the physical and emotional stress that wedding and event planning can bring upon, you should contact a wedding and event planner that understands your needs and desires for creating the perfect wedding or event.

When planning weddings and events, there are several decisions you have to make such as, your theme, décor, budget and so much more. Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Decor is here for you. We will save you from the stress of wedding and event planning. We ensure every client has a stress-free wedding or event day, their able to watch, enjoy and live in the moment of their ideas resulting in a lifetime of memories.

Why We Do What We Do

Working with a client, getting to know them and hearing their ideas for their wedding or event, the interaction with their family and friends, seeing ideas come together, and knowing we shared a special moment in their life, are truly exciting opportunities we never take for granted. We have found a great appreciation knowing we contributed to happy long-lasting memories.

We are Dedicated

We help clients plan the wedding or event they always dreamed of, we encourage our clients to celebrate in their own unique way, style and personality. We truly, care about our clients. This is why we strive to deliver excellent, professional and quality service every time.

We are Professionals

We use our extensive planning check lists during the planning and decorating process of weddings and events and our check-off lists, itineraries, layouts, budgets, contracts and experience to create your perfect wedding or event day. We like to ensure that we cover all our bases and tend to your every need. 

We Save You Money

Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor makes every vendor’s/service provider's job easier; this is why they are more likely to pass on some savings to us, which gets passed directly on to you. We guarantee you savings. Our clients end up saving hundreds even thousands of dollars hiring us to help them book their vendors/service providers and negotiate contracts. We can help save the most money when negotiating contracts that’s the reason it helps to hire us early in your planning process.

We Ensure Your Family and Friends Will Enjoy Your Wedding or Event Too!

It's not only about you relaxing and enjoying your wedding or event, it’s about your family and friends as well. To avoid having them run around to tie up all the last-minute details for your event, hiring Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events and Décor can ensure that they can be relaxed and enjoy your special day as well. For the most part, family and friends get tied up into helping with the planning of a wedding or event, but they should relax and enjoy the great occasion as well as you. We make your wedding or event enjoyable and memorable for everyone!

No Wedding or Event is TOO BIG or TOO SMALL!


A Birthday, A New Baby, Your Retirement, A Wedding Anniversary

Or maybe someone you know is getting married. Do you need someone to prepare them a lavish engagement party, a beautiful bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner or a day after gift-opening brunch? Of course, the event should be as unique as the guest of honor. It should be personalized with original and creative ideas, beautiful decorations, fun games and activities, and have a delicious menu with festive drinks. 

Are you too busy with work and family, and lacking the time it takes to plan and organize these events? Bringing together all the elements that make for a successful housewarming party, garden party, mother and daughter tea party, etc. is no small task, you spend hours and hours trying to find everything you’ll need to create a successful event, but instead, end up even more overwhelmed and frazzled than when you first sat down. However, selecting the right theme, creating the menu, picking out or creating the decorations all require imagination and careful planning.

Let's say you volunteer to plan and organize an event for a family member or friend because you think oh, that’ll be fun! But it takes about 10 minutes into your planning for it to go from a fun thought to a suffocating nightmare as you realize you don’t even know how to get started, so you ask yourself, why is this so hard? 

Let Uniquely Yours W*E*D make it easy for you, we will take care of all your wedding or event details, from start to finish. We have the professional and organizational skills to create your memorable event. We will save you time, money and the stress of planning any event. 

We can plan, decorate and/or manage your entire event to make sure it goes smooth and be as stress and worry-free as possible. 

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Uniquely Yours W*E*D Plans, Decorates and Manages Any Occasions and Life's Celebrations.

Creating Unique and Memorable Celebration that’s full of Personalized Details that can only be Uniquely Yours.



Uniquely Yours Weddings, Events & Décor is Your One-Stop Production and Management Company. 

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Our daughter Sky, 1st birthday party was truly beautiful and fun. Shimmering Mermaid Theme. We have Uniquely Yours WED planning our wedding anniversary party now. We're sure it's going to be just as beautiful. - The Carter's